Grunge Fashion Alert: Elevate with Crosses & Skulls!

If there’s one thing to know about Minga, it’s that we are obsessed with a bold, weird, statement print. Throughout the years we’ve adorned our pieces in stars, stripes, out-there graphics, cutesy animals and more. In our ever-evolving journey, we find inspiration from past fashion subcultures, y2k movies and music videos, and grunge streetwear, embracing them with a modern Minga twist. This year, we’re all about crosses & skulls!  ☠️⋆。°✩✞︎

With your love for y2k and grunge fashion, we wanted to make sure we designed clothing that helped you make some of the hottest trends your very own! ❤️‍🔥


What’s a Minga look without a goth moment? Our Daggers & Crosses Silver Earrings are giving 90s and y2k Indie Sleaze vibes. This piece seamlessly fuses elements of raw authenticity with a modern aesthetic, so if you wanna be the friend that always looks effortlessly cool then these cross earrings are for you! ⛓️‍

Daggers & Crosses Earringsshop now


If you want to throw on a top that transports you to early 2000s London, where you’re the main character, with Radiohead or The Smiths soundtracking your life, then this cross graphic top can help you enter this realm! Think Amanda Bynes in What A Girl Wants ❤️‍🔥 Featuring a bold red and black striped design with a skull graphic, we also have this top in black and grey! These would look so good paired with y2k bottoms, our Bones Black Wash Jean or our Miley Red & Black Tartan Mini Skirt!  


With the cold seasons well and truly here, layering up your looks is the perfect way to keep cozy while still maintaining you cute outfits title 👑 Most of our minds wander to basics when we think about layering, but we daydream about bold, fun and statement pieces worn over or under another bold, fun, statement piece 😉 Picture this Grey Cryptic Cross Graphic Tee styled underneath one of our oversized hoodies like our Raven Cross Patch Oversized Zip Up Hoodie or our Black & Gray Oversized Check Shirt Grunge for some extra warmth! 💘

Raven Cross Hoodieshop now
Cryptic Cross T-Shirt shop now

Sometimes monochrome moments are best! Stick to black and white with our Cross Me Black Graphic Y2k Long Sleeve Top, featuring a cross y2k screen print on a black long sleeve top. We love this cross top styled with baggy pants or a midi pleated skirt for extra texture to play around with. And, of course, don't forget to rock it with some chunky Minga shoes – they're the cherry on top of this fab ensemble! 🍒


We’re all about unconventional cuts and designs, and our Set of 4 Gothic Necklaces with Tooth, Skull, and Star Pendants is no exception to that 🦷🖤 If you’re a lover of collecting unique and quirky little trinkets, (Sonny Angel & Miffy fanatics, we’re looking at you 👀) then you’re destined to grace your next look with this gothic inspired pendant necklace, layered for extra edge 💅

Wisdom Gothic Necklaceshop now


Hey, cozy enthusiasts! At Minga London, we totally get your love for all things snug and stylish. So, here's the inside scoop - crosses and skulls aren't just reserved for those cute baby tees and accessories. We've extended the cool vibes into the chillier months, ensuring your obsession with skull prints remains on point. Picture yourself wrapped in comfort with this skeleton black zip up hoodie, a piece that not only keeps you warm but also makes a bold statement with its embroidered bones detail ☠️

Hazardous Zip-Up Hoodieshop now

One way to make a baby tee with bones on it cute is ✨rhinestones✨ Styling inspo incoming…. We’re reaching for distressed denim jeans for that perfect blend of grunge and glam. Throw on a chunky black belt and platform shoes to kick it up a notch. Top it off with a leather jacket for that ultimate edgy ensemble. Wear it to a late-night diner with friends, creating an impromptu photoshoot with neon signs as your backdrop or rock it at an alternative art gallery opening, where your outfit becomes a conversation starter.


Oversized hoodie on, world out ✮🎧⋆  Plz say you’re just as obsessed with this skull zip up hoodie as we are? Designed to go with quite literally any look, wear it as the centerpiece of your outfit or use it for layering. Pair it with your favorite low-waist jeans and trainers for a laid-back street style vibe, or throw it over a slip dress for an edgy, Whimsigoth twist. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.


Meet your new hair accessory obsession – Minga's All Skulled Up Striped Hat! Wherever the fun takes you – rooftop bashes, artsy happenings, or arcade adventures – this hat is your ticket to turning every moment into a must-have accessory statement. So, buckle up for a wild ride with this skull hat, because your social calendar is about to get a whole lot more exciting! 💃🎉

All Skulled Hatshop now


Why settle for one when you can have multiple cross necklaces on rotation? Make any basic outfit to adore with our Gothic Cross Pendant Choker Necklace, our Twilight Cross Beaded Pendant Necklace, and our Crown Of Thorns Silver Necklace Set ✞︎°✮ These grunge jewelry pieces really don’t need much of an introduction, as they truly do all the talking themselves 🤩

Gothic Cross Necklaceshop now
Twilight Cross Necklace shop now

Imagine strutting through the city streets with this edgy masterpiece slung over your shoulder, full to the brim with instant ramen, cat stickers, and your headphones. Our skull handbag was designed with functionality in mind but it’s just a cute lil’ fashion girly at its core 🙊 Pair it with our Buffy Black & Grey Skull Mesh Top for a matching moment! 

As we bid adieu, don't forget to let Minga's clothing with crosses and skull designs be your passport to your dream wardrobe set-up! 🖤💀✨

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