Intentional with everything we do, Minga is a brand for the people and the planet. We’re that friend who you never quite know what they’re up to, but you can bet it’s something cool, committed and off-the-cuff. We make ethical and vintage-inspired clothing that is designed to help you find your true authentic self. 

We wanna create a space that is so much more than finding new pieces to wear and love, but to harbor together a community of like-minded people who are absent of stereotype or judgment. Our pieces are made to last and we want to inspire a future of fun but conscious fashion.

Creating ethical pieces that are also  fun and vibrant designs made to outstand seasons and trends is what we’re all about. It’s a non negotiable for us and not something we see as an added bonus to our clothing, but a standard practice.

We produce most of our products in Portugal, either in our own factory or in small local suppliers, throwing love into every piece we make so they are good quality and long lasting. We hope this same love transcends to our customers as soon as they wear something from Minga! We practice ethical working conditions and adhere to European human rights laws, so you can wear your Minga pieces proudly knowing exactly how and where they were made.


Funky, fun, and independent, we’re on a mission to focus on what makes people unique through vintage-inspired and timeless pieces that act as an ode to celebrating all things weird, all while being made with value and care for people and the planet. 

We hope to inspire and welcome people from all walks of life and provide a safe space where everyone is free to express and find their own authentic style with our clothing. It's so much more about designing pieces that people love and wear, but about bringing together a collective of like-minded people who can learn and grow together. 

Minga is a brand all about purpose. Of course, we want to create cool and fun designs that everyone loves to wear, but it runs much deeper than this. We're made up of so many components that fuel us and bring the brand to life!

With a small but strong team of talented individuals, it’s important to us that the people behind the brand align when it comes to our values and ethos. We welcome everyone’s unique individuality, it’s what makes Minga! Aside from that, as long as you aren’t afraid to get a lil’ weird, then you’re one of us!