How To Put Together a Whimsigoth Outfit

Step into a world where fashion becomes a portal to witchy ruffled silhouettes, gothic pendants, lace and mesh moments, knitted textures, dark florals and a love for foliage-inspired and earthy palettes. Here you’ll be under a spell of all things Whimsigoth! 🕯☾🔮🖤

The Whimsigoth aesthetic bloomed in the 90s, with media such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Craft, and Practical Magic bringing us into a soft-gothic realm of witchy colour palettes, lace, mesh, corsets, velvet, chunky boots, and statement jewelry pieces. It comes as no surprise that this subgenre of 90s fashion has come to the forefront once again, especially around autumn and winter when there’s a sense of magical darkness lurking amongst the chilly mornings and endless broth-based dinners! 

A darker element of Cottagecore and Fairycore clothing but a more romantic and soft approach to Grunge fashion, Whimsgothic clothing is for those who don’t like to define themselves and prefer to bounce between realms. I mean, the supernatural are known for shapeshifting, right? 

With albums like Maisie Peter’s The Good Witch and Olivia Rodrigo’s Vampire acting as an audio playlist to live out your Whimsigoth aesthetic era, step into the weird and wonderful.

Florals are a huge part of the Whimsy Goth aesthetic, especially dark hues and patterns. A blend of whimsical charm and gothic elegance, think Stevie Nicks or Florence Welch, absolutely captivating the stage in long and draped floral numbers. Our Isadora Floral Layered Maxi Dress, our Dark Renaissance Mesh Maxi Dress, and our Lila Floral Print Midi Skirt seamlessly intertwines intricate mesh and dark but dreamy patterns, creating an enchanting Whimsigoth look that's both ethereal and mysterious.
Odessa Floral Topshop now
Lila Floral Skirt shop now
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Dark Renaissance Dress shop now

For those that favour all things earthy and natural, embrace the elements with our fairy inspired clothing that has a dark twist. These pieces make the perfect Whimsigoth outfit 🍂 With cute little trinkets, graphics, and knitted textures, wanna know our go-to pieces to emulate this aesthetic? Our Winona Lace Up  Flared Sleeve Top, our Zelda Floral Layered Maxi Dress , Forest Fairy Tie Dye T-shirt.

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Winona Flared Sleeve Top shop now
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Zelda Floral Dress shop now
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Forest Fairy T-shirt shop now
As much as we love our soft lace and romantic mesh that Whimsigoth aesthetic brings, we also love the attitude the grunge side of things bring 🖤 Full of black, purple, plaid, velvet and chunky pieces - what’s not to love? Opt for our Laurel Velvet Corset Top, our Elenora Velvet Maxi Dress and our Heaven & Hell Cat Graphic T-Shirt. These grunge-inspired clothes help you embrace all that is Whimsigoth fashion.
Laurel Velvet Corset Top shop now
Enya Knit Cardigan shop now
Heaven & Hell Cat Graphic T-Shirtshop now
Not all Whimsigoth outfits need to be black, sometimes you need to surrender to your gentle side and wave the white flag 🏳️ Channel a look that features delicate lace, ruffles, and flowing fabrics, that lend an air of sweet softness with our Snow White Ruffle Lace Maxi Skirt and our Cautious Kitty Graphic T-Shirt 🕊️Add some true Minga Whimsigoth flair with our Lana Mary-Janes.
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Snow White Skirt shop now
Cautious Kitty Graphic T-Shirtshop now
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Lana Mary-Janes shop now
Where would the Whimsigoth aesthetic be without the woven and warm textures of knitwear? Our ethically made knitted clothing comes in cable knit, patchwork, and heavy details, leaving you spellbound by its feel as soon as it touches your skin. Welcome in the browning leaves of autumn and the cold air with a grandpa jacquard knitwear jumper or jacquard knitted cardigan. Knitwear is also the perfect clothing to go for if you want to create the feeling of a retro or vintage look but with new pieces 🍄
Ashton Knit Sweater shop now
Giselle Knit Sweater shop now
The Whimsigoth aesthetic brings with it a feeling of trusting your intuition and tapping into your inner-self, focusing on symbolisms and signs. Here at Minga we have an affinity of all things star print, cat graphic, skulls and crosses! making our Sirena Triskelion Knit Jumper collection ideal for all our astrology lovers and our Trilogy Necklace Set perfect for trinket lovers ⭐ You can also adorn you Whimsigothic look with our Chunky Star Pendant Necklace or our Mystic Rings Set.
Sirena Triskelion Knit Jumper shop now
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Trilogy Necklace Set shop now
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Chunky Necklace shop now
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Mystic Rings Set shop now

You know we love some statement jewelry at Minga ⛓️‍ Opt for our Bohemian Fairy Gemstone Necklace Set, our Cruel Lover Velvet Pendant Choker  or our Crown Of Thorns Silver Necklace Set . This distinctive Whimsigoth jewelry style features intricate, ornate designs with elements like delicate filigree, ethereal gemstones, and dark, mysterious motifs such as skulls or crescent moons. 

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Bohemian Necklace Set shop now
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Cruel Lover Pendant shop now
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Crown Of Thorns Set shop now

From dark cottagecore pieces, to romantic goth clothing, grunge and everything in-between, welcome in the weird, wicked and wonderful with our Whimsigoth inspired clothing ⭐ ⋆˖⁺‧₊☽ 

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