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If there’s one way to get ready for spring, it’s adding new pieces to your closet or styling some pre-owned clothing that you can wear and love for the whole season! When we think of a staple item for this time of year, our number one contender is ✨the skirt✨Versatile in not only styling but also in form, here at Minga we’ve got a spring-ready skirt for almost every occasion.

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It’s a friday, you’ve just finished class, and your bestie invites you for a sunset picnic in the park… But what do you wear? Luckily that midi skirt you already have on is the perfect piece for last minute plans! When it comes to whimsical outdoor picnics like slow walks or cute picnic dates, florals are the way to go! We know that Spring weather can be unpredictable, especially if you are spending time outside, which is why a midi makes for the perfect cold-warm weather skirt.

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Alana Mini Skirt shop now
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Hydra Floral Skirt shop now
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Nya Mini Skirt shop now

Hands up if you like your coffee strong and your skirts pleated? We don’t know about you, but nothing ignites our soul as much as coffee dates! Cute outfits, to die for pastries, and tonnes of caramel syrup? Yes, please! ✌️We’re totally picturing you styled head to toe in our Cherry Daze outfit with an iced coffee in your hand for the perfect picture opportunity!

Nya Black Mini Skirt shop now
Astrid Denim Midi Skirt shop now

For those nights when you get home late after a long day and all you want is to binge watch a K-drama and eat instant ramen, a big maxi skirt makes for perfect lounge-wear. Now we don’t mean for you to reach in your closet and put on a cozy maxi skirt just for the occasion, we’re talking about choosing an outfit at the start of the day that you know will be comfortable to lounge in when you get home and don’t have the energy to get changed into something else. This is the kind of “got our life together” energy we’re talking about! 👏

Cherry Midi Skirt shop now

Whether your fave’ band is in town or you’re hitting up karaoke with your besties, a black cargo skirt is the way forward for anything gig related! Low-key, effortlessly cool and serving all the attitude, wear with chunky platform shoes and a black crochet top to complete your look!

Ruby Cargo Skirt shop now
Alana Denim Skirt shop now
Fae Midi Skirt shop now

At Minga we’re all about being more sustainable when it comes to our lifestyle choices and hitting up flea markets is the perfect way to incorporate this into your life. From one-off art work pieces, rugs, vintage jewellery and trinkets, you can find almost anything and everything at your local flea market, so why not make a day of it? Comfort is key when rummaging deep through stalls and boxes, so a black maxi skirt is definitely a go-to choice when it comes to attire!

Raven Maxi Skirt shop now
Renaissance Mesh Skirt shop now

Early morning classes require an outfit that is minimal effort but serves a maximum impact. We’re opting for a denim skirt for some casual coolness! Simply add a graphic baby tee and knitted cardigan for a comfy but cute look.

Ashley Cargo Skirt shop now
Kady Cargo Skirt shop now
Ruby Tech Cargo Skirt shop now

We’ve all been there. You swore you weren’t going to leave an assignment to the last minute, but it’s one week before it’s due and you haven’t even started. The answer? A cute AF long skirt and a long ass library session. If you want to romanticize going to the library just stick on a plaid skirt and a Dark Academia. Don’t worry, just stock up on your fave’ sweet treats and plenty of coffee or matcha and you’ll make it through!

Beth Plaid Midi Skirt shop now

If you live for slow sundays and reset days, then a black mini cargo skirt is the perfect blank canvas outfit to wear while you tick off your to-do list. Sometimes we just need a look that is simple yet cute while we prep ourselves for the week ahead. Wear this skirt with a Minga baby tee and some trainers for a casual slow sunday look!

Ashley Mini Cargo Skirt shop now
Lizzie Denim Midi Skirt shop now
Kat Y2k Mini Skirt shop now

Headphones in, skirt on, world out… Sounds like the ideal forest walk, right? Enter your Bella Swan era and get to one with the earth with a layered skirt. Coming in various earthy tones, we love this piece for days spent in nature and under the Spring sun! ☀️

Flora Mini Skirt shop now
Foggy Maxi Skirt shop now

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