The Most Wanted Fairy Grunge Styles

Stuck between aesthetics and don’t want to compromise on either one? Fairy Grunge has entered the chat. For those of us who love delicate details such as ribbons, layers and cute prints, but also love dark hues and knitwear, combine the elements and opt for Fairy Grunge clothes 🧚🍃

Made popular by Tik Tok fashion accounts and reminiscent of Y2K trends, we can’t get enough of this social-forward aesthetic. Helping you to escape into a mystical world through self-expression, you can find your inner grunge fairy through oversized t-shirts, ruffle skirts, knitted shrugs and cardigans. 

If you want to delve right into the aesthetic but don’t know where to start, why not begin with our most wanted Fairy Grunge clothing? 👏


For those days when you want to make minimal effort but maximum impact, our Forest Fairy Tie Dye T-shirt is a go-to piece when it comes to casual dressing. From its green and mossy tones, to the cute AF forest fairy graphic, we love everything about this tee. Want to grunge it up a bit? Style with a pair of oversized pants or a layered skirt for all the magical vibes! 🫶

Forest Fairy Tie Dye T-Shirt



You thought we were done with the butterfly theme? 🤣 When it comes to a Fairy Grunge outfit, there’s never enough butterfly print! We’re ready for all the nature-inspired make-up and hair looks paired with this top!

Nabi Butterfly Print Long Sleeve Top



The ultimate Fairy Grunge skirt, this piece was made for tending to all your ethereal desires. There’s nothing quite like a maxi skirt with ruffles for channeling your inner mythical creature! We’re loving this piece styled with an oversized jumper and platform boots! We were never going to get through the Fairy Grunge trend without adding some ruffles ❤️‍🔥

Foggy Green Ruffle Lace Maxi Skirt



What’s more Fairy Grunge than a hoodie with fairy wings on it? One element of this aesthetic is calling upon natural colours such as greens and browns, so you can feel at one with the outdoors and all things mystical. We’re obsessing over this hoodie and so is our Minga community! 🌹

Fairy Wings Zip Up Hoodie Jacket


Ready to metamorph into your fave aesthetic? Say heyyy to our Metamorphosis Open Knit Jumper, a knitwear staple at Minga. Available in four colours, which one are you choosing? Featuring an open knit crochet design with a butterfly centre, you can easily nail the Fairy Grunge look with some first-class layering. We’ve got the spotlight on this jumper 🔦

Metamorphosis Open Knit Jumper


Although new to the Minga family, our Eli Brown Zip Up Cable Knit Cardigan is quickly making its way to our Minga hall of fame. Embracing every element of the Fairycore style, you can easily style this cable knit cardigan to look a lil’ more grunge with the right pieces. Think black cargos, chunky platforms, and a baby tee!

Eli Brown Zip Up Cable Knit Cardigan


When you’ve got a walk in the forest in the AM but a gig in the PM… Our Aspen Jacquard Knit Jumper brings a cosy vibe to Fairy Grunge clothing. With fairytale textures for you to caress your skin with on a rainy or windy day to pop funky patterns inspire you to make the most of your room and dance around your bedroom to 90s punk music, what more could you want when choosing a Fairycore piece with a hint of edge? 🧚

Aspen Jacquard Knit Jumper


There’s nothing more Fairycore than ruffles and lace together, especially in the form of a maxi skirt. The very essence of whimsical, can we pls wear our Bohemian Fairy Ruffle Lace Maxi skirt everywhere!? Pair up with a milkmaid style top and cute hair ribbons for all the fairy feels 😇

Bohemian Fairy Ruffle Lace Maxi Skirt



Sometimes it’s the smaller pieces or accessories that really make the outfit, and that’s exactly how we feel about our Molly Stripes Tie Knitted Shrug. Perfect for Fairycore fans that favour the warmer months, this is the perfect throw on over a Fairy Grunge dress while you walk through meadows or go crystal shopping with your besties. We can’t wait to see how you style it!

Molly Stripes Tie Knitted Shrug



Deriving from Fairycore, the Fairygrunge aesthetic naturally takes elements from both sides and when it comes to the light and whimsical counterpart, you can expect mythology, dainty flowers, and butterflies. Our Ancient Butterfly Charcoal Grey T-shirt meets in the middle with its graphic print front and dark tonal palette. We’re envisioning it styled with a matching grey cargo maxi skirt and chunky platform shoes for some extra added grunge.

Ancient Butterfly Charcoal Grey T-Shirt



We all need a cardigan for days spent foraging that turn into nights going on cute boba dates with your friend group, right? One thing that the Fairy Grunge aesthetic serves is versatility. This cardigan is cold hard proof that you can stay comfy while being on top of your cute game. Need some styling inspo? Pair with a Minga baby tee, asymmetrical skirt and finish off with some dark toned leg warmers for a Fairy Grunge outfit that will have you receiving all the “where’s your outfit from” DMs.

Faye Striped Knit Cardigan



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