Tips to Help You Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle in 2023

Congrats!! You’ve made it to the point of actually thinking about what positive lifestyle changes to bring into the new year with you, which is a lot further than most ppl (me, I am most ppl). But seriously, all jokes aside, if you want to commit to goals for 2023 that are more meaningful and don’t just serve yourself but the planet too, then let’s talk!
The catalyst of living a more sustainable lifestyle may not seem significant in our menial, everyday life. However, it’s the small steps that count, and normalize, living life in a way that is kinder to the planet and the peeps who inhabit it. It’s good to share the love.
As a fashion brand, we’re intrinsically linked to the mass of industries that can have a harmful impact on the planet. We by no means are perfect, but are doing our best to work towards becoming and championing a more sustainable way of running Minga London.
We know one person can’t change the trajectory of the world’s climate on their own, but if you want to curate a more sustainable way of living in 2023 then we have a few steps to get you started.

First things first, we suggest educating yourself on global and local matters when it comes to the climate crisis. What is happening near you or at the other side of the world? Why is this happening? What can you do to help or make a difference? Now more than ever we have access to a plethora of resources to guide and educate us. From books, podcasts, social media and television, truly understanding what sustainability entails is a good starting point.

Let us know if you have any resources that we can share with the rest of our Minga community!

We’ve all fallen criminal to letting our closets (let’s be real, our bedroom floors) pile up with clothes we haven’t worn in years. From that Magaluf t-shirt you got on your girls holiday 2016, to a pair of gym leggings that have more holes in them than times you’ve actually been to the gym this year, and not to forget the oversized sweater that used to be beige but is now full of unclaimed stains but has seen you through every hangover, heartbreak and happy days. They may be our comfort pieces, but if they are lying on your bedroom floor rather than being worn, then it’s time to get rid.

Instead of throwing them in the dumpster outside your house or apartment where they will inevitably end up in landfill, get creative with how you dispose of them. Clothes that are in good condition can be donated to charity, swapped with a friend, upcycled, or recycled responsibly.

Choose the longer route!? I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have time, I’m crazy, etc. Of course I don’t mean literally (although sometimes an extra ten minute walk before going to class really does wonders for your mind), but theoretically, sometimes opting for the less convenient route can really help the planet and the people around you. If you want to incorporate a greener lifestyle but are unsure how you can do so, switching up your form of transport can help reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of driving, catch the train or bus, or whatever form of transport is available to you. Take it one step further and cycle, skate, or walk when optional. Being kinder to the environment and taking up a new hobby? A win, win situ. We’re not saying walk to work when it’s lashing outside, but making small conscious efforts to reduce your c02 emissions goes a long way (hehe, no pun intended).

Sustainability starts at home. Setting up your space with little hacks and greener options can totally change your whole mindset and inspire you to influence other aspects of your life, or even better, other people in your life. From no plastic Fridays to reusable metal straws, cooking vegan or vegetarian meals a few days a week, and opting for cruelty free skincare or cleaning products, your household can massively reduce the harmful impact on the world. 

The rise in second-hand hauls on social media has made charity or thrift shopping a new social past-time amongst friend groups, and we love 👏 to 👏 see 👏 it! Taking a look around your local chazza or thrift store for household items or clothes instead of hitting the high street will lead you into a more sustainable lifestyle.

We know that not everyone has the privilege to shop more sustainability when it comes to purchasing period products, but if you are in the position to do so, there are loads of new brands out there that are committed to the cause. From reusable period pants to moon cups and cruelty/toxin free tampons and pads, choosing a sustainable option can be better for you and your body!

We love to hear from our Minga community and your opinion means everything to us, so if you’ve got any positive and sustainable changes that you’re taking with you into 2023, comment below!



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