Transitional outfits ideas - Get ready for the season ahead

It’s autumn, baby!
Summer 2023, you were great! But we’re totally ready to switch the long evenings for cozy nights, pumpkin spiced… Everything, and embracing the spooky szn! 🎃

At Minga we love to get creative when it comes to styling our pieces, and although some of our edits may be more seasonally based, that doesn’t mean we won’t find a way to wear them all year round. In the name of rewearing, we’re truly experts and advocates! With that being said, we’re welcoming transitional dressing with open arms 🫶

If you need some inspo when it comes to transitional outfit ideas, consider this your personal autumnal fashion lookbook. With ethically made knitwear, vegan leather, graphic tops, midi skirts and dresses, and plenty of accessories in all your fave’ aesthetics, we have all that you need to curate the perfect in between seasons wardrobe! ⭐

However, truth be told: our biggest inspo’ of all is seeing how you all style our clothes in your own individual way 🤩

One way to take your closet from summer to autumn is by utilizing a well respected fashion hack, ✨
layering ✨We don’t mean simply throwing a jacket over a baby tee, but playing around and experimenting with different textures, designs, and lengths. We’re obsessing over mini skirts over wide leg pants for a 00s throwback or midi dresses over long sleeve tops and jeans for a total noughties movie main character moment. Think Lizzie McGuire, Freaky Friday, and New York Minute! 🍎 Can you tell we’re y2k obsessed!? 😉

If the weather in your city is still holding on to the last breaths of summer but there’s an ever-so-slight chill in the air, then some lightweight knitwear to throw over your crop top or mini skirt outfit is a must! Playing around with different layering and silhouettes when it comes to transitional dressing is our go-to for the turn of the szn fashion.


Ethically made knitwear that you can wear all year round? Sign us up! At Minga we are always looking for ways to make our clothing long-lasting when we are designing our pieces. This doesn’t just mean good quality materials, but also creating styles that can be worn and reworn no matter the mood, season, or occasion! Our cozy knitted clothes work as the perfect transitional clothing, with warm heavy knits to keep you warm and well-dressed. 

Accessories play a pivotal role in dragging us from the warm summer days (yes, we know it’s hard to say goodbye to the sun), into the realms of chilly autumnal days. From statement hats, chunky jewellery, and handbags that hold your whole life (AKA that book you’ve been reading for approx eight months), we’ve accumulated the perfect array of accessories to help see you from season to season!

Hoodies hold an irreplaceable spot in our closets, especially as early autumn descends upon us. These cozy, versatile garments are like a warm embrace, providing both comfort and style during those transitional days when the weather can't quite make up its mind. As the leaves begin to change and the air carries a hint of crispness, our trusty hoodies become the go-to choice, effortlessly blending into any outfit. We 💗 them! 


Finally the szn to wear all of our cute AF vegan leather jackets is back! For those days when you wanna make minimal effort but maximum impact, throwing on some oversized outerwear is an autumn outfit must! 💖

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