What your Favourite Lace & Chaos Piece Says About You

With the launch of our latest edit Lace & Chaos, we were mesmerized by the array of balletcore fashion inspired pieces within the collection. Bringing you the Balletcore aesthetic with a dark Grunge twist, we know you’re gonna be obsessed. From whimsy lace, romantic frills, dark tones, and mesh moments, this aesthetic combines both the physical and inner parts of our being that so often are unable to co-exist with one another.

There’s a piece that speaks to every part of our personal style, or how we like to put it, all of alter-egos. If you love our Lace & Chaos aesthetic and are curious to get to know all the realms of your personal style, we’re here to help you.

Although we won’t be running through every piece in the Lace & Chaos collection, we want you to let us know in the comments below what your fave’ items are! 🎀💗

Want to know what your favourite piece says about you? Time to find out 😍

First of all, superb choice. As avid cat lovers here at Minga, we’re automatically kindred spirits with anyone who favours all things feline. So, what does this piece being your main option say about you? We’re getting cozy, wholesome, introvert vibes. With dark and muted tones to show that you like to keep low-key, mesh material to represent all your intricate layers, and cat print to tell people that you’d rather spend time with your cat than them (same, tbh), you’re giving us Sabrina Spellman vibes. We’re obsessed! 😺

That Cat Girl Maxi Dress



When cardigan szn is all year round for you 🤝 Our Arabella Mauve Knitted Lace Up Cardigan is giving massive off-duty ballerina vibes, the perfect way to wear the Balletcore aesthetic. However, for those of you who haven’t got the slightest idea of what a pirouette is, this being your fave’ piece tells us that you’re a lover of casually convenient pieces. Perfect for throwing over any outfit to give it that something extra, we’re envisioning this being all of our “just running out for coffee” or “quick trip to the grocery store” item. When you don’t want to compromise between comfort and style, this lace up cardigan wins every single time.

Arabella Mauve Knitted Cardigan



We know the Y2K trend has been knocking around the last few years, but has our obsession subsided? Not in the slightest. If your favourite item from our Lace & Chaos collection is our Kat Washed Black Denim Y2K Mini Skirt then you love meshing together trends and styles from different decades. You don’t feel the need to stick to one aesthetic, as you’ve got a gift for transcending fashion time zones. You can opt for a dainty Audrey Hepburn make-up look and pair it with an outfit that Avril Lavigne would wear in one of her Noughties music videos. A true talent 👏

Kat Black Denim Mini Skirt



If you’re opting for our Aurora Green Milkmaid Crop Top, then you’re in a full blown love affair with nature and all things earthly. You have a deep desire to be at one with the world and through your fashion you like to channel all the colors and tones it has to offer. In a milkmaid style that boasts delicate frills and puff sleeves, who doesn’t love a piece of clothing that makes you feel like you’re being caressed? You’re deffo the friend in the group who’s order is an oat matcha latte 🍵 Perhaps not the most directly piece of Balletcore clothing, this piece can still take you from the studio to stage, and then to the coffee shop or book club!

Aurora Green Milkmaid Top 



With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re feeling the luv when it comes to our Clara Pink Cropped Striped Knit Sweater, and if it’s your fave then you’ve got the hots too 💗 Draped in stripes of pink and black, you’re the kind of person that loves all things romantic. We’re talking classic novels, Romantic period art, writing poems on napkins for your loved ones, and of course, romanticizing the f*ck out of every little thing 💖

Clara Pink Knit Sweater



First of all, we’re also obsessed with our Hell Was Boring Graphic Oversized Sweater, so if this is your fave then we’re sending you all the good vibes 😊 This piece isn’t for the faint hearted and if you love all things bold and brave then you’ve found your match. You’re the friend that craves adventure and is always up for trying something new, no matter how bizarre or weird it is. This oversized sweater was made for layering, especially over a cute white shirt and some baggy pants or a pleated skirt - whatever your style is! 🔥

Hell Was Boring Sweatshirt



If you can’t take your eyes off our Titania Black Mesh Maxi Dress, then you were destined to be an 90s It Girl with an alt girl fashion twist. Think Winona Ryder or Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star. You love dark patterns and tones, mesh overlays, and long whimsical dresses or skirts. On the exterior you’re mysterious and aloof, but on the interior your mind is full of ideas and creativity. Wear on its own or layer it up with a cute baby tee from our Lace & Chaos edit underneath!

Titania Black Maxi Dress



If your go-to piece is our Midnight Dancing Long Sleeve Mesh Top, then it doesn’t matter if it’s the start of the night or the very end, you’ll be found on the dance floor 💃 From punk guitar riffs, electronic sounds, and classical ballet strings, you’re filled with the urge to move your body, whatever the genre is. The same goes for your style! You choose a Balletcore piece that matches your mood that day and flow with it. We really admire that! 🫶

Midnight Dancing Mesh Top



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